Construction Review & Cost Estimation

Ken Preston, Constructability Specialist, offers constructability consulting services to waterfront landowners, architect/engineering firms, and environmental consulting firms. Mr. Preston has over 30 years of experience in construction estimating, negotiations, and construction supervision for innumerable waterfront development and remediation projects, including sediment remediation, offshore outfalls and intakes, harbor facilities, dredging work, marinas, breakwaters, and shoreline protection projects, as well as paper mill structural and machinery work.

Services provided include:

Constructability and project strategy review and input

  • Exploration of means and methods
  • Value engineering analysis
  • Comparative costs of engineering approaches

Design-level cost estimating, based on the following:

  • Real-world project activities
  • Current (or projected future) local labor and equipment costs
  • Impacts of regulations, closed seasons, and agency oversight
  • Contractual constraints and needs of the owner
  • Safety and work rule requirements of the facility
  • Relevant geotechnical information

Construction document review focused on reducing project costs:

  • Reducing or eliminating ambiguity, identifying and modifying provisions that unnecessarily raise a contractor’s perception of risk
  • Structuring the document to reduce the likelihood of change orders and claims
  • Reducing the impact of any claims that arise

Participation in regulatory negotiations relative to constructability and project strategy