Sediment & In-Water Construction

Site Investigation and Risk Assessment   

We assist our clients with agency coordination and provide environmental investigational services to assist with in-water remedy planning, including human health and ecological risk assessment and dredged material characterization. This often includes developing a sampling strategy with our clients and conducting a screening-level and/or cleanup-level evaluation.

Engineering and Remediation   

These services include the development of sediment dredge and capping design, including the preparation of plans and specifications and contractor bid packages. We also provide environmental review of civil engineering plans and specifications, evaluation of remedial alternatives, and environmental assistance with infrastructure upgrades and system improvements that require excavation and reconstruction.

In-Water Construction   

We provide in-water construction support services that include environmental permitting, preparation and review of performance specifications for hazardous materials management, preparation of in-water compliance plans, assistance with contractor Best Management Practices and environmental commitment tracking, assistance in contractor selection, and construction oversight services and construction management.

Construction Review and Cost Estimation   

We provide waterfront landowners, architect/engineering firms, and environmental consulting firms with constructability review of shoreline projects, including sediment remediation, offshore outfalls and intakes, harbor facilities, dredging work, marinas, breakwaters, and shoreline protection projects. We also assist with preparation of cost estimates for all levels of design and bid package preparation assistance.

Source Control Assessment/Design   

We assist our clients with source control evaluations addressing sediment recontamination potential of both offsite and onsite sources. The results of our source control evaluations have resulted in the integration of source control goals for sediment cleanup projects across various regulatory programs, including evaluations at operational facilities. We have also managed the design and construction of industrial stormwater collection and pretreatment systems and negotiated National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System permit requirements.

Intertidal Habitat Development/Restoration   

These services include the incorporation of aquatic habitat elements into dredge, sediment cleanup, and/or in-water construction designs to meet mitigation requirements and to provide credits toward Natural Resource Damage Assessments.

Wood Debris and Pulp Waste Management   

These services include the strategic and technical expertise to investigate potential wood debris impacts to sediment quality and biota and to evaluate associated remedial actions. We have provided agency negotiations, permitting, and design support services at wood debris and pulp waste sites.

Maintenance Dredging and Beneficial Reuse of Dredged Material   

We assist our clients with maintenance dredging design, Dredge Material Management Program and Sediment Evaluation Framework agency coordination and negotiations, dredge and disposal/reuse permitting, bid package preparation (including technical drawings and specifications), cost estimation preparation, contractor procurement assistance, and management of maintenance dredging activities. We have assisted our clients in determining various beneficial uses for dredge material including in-water habitat enhancement for mitigation and upland construction fill.

Modeling and Forensics   

We assist our clients with contaminant fate and transport modeling using multiple numerical models relative to sediment remedy design and compliance. We draw from our chemistry experience to ensure appropriate model input parameters that are representative of site or remedy conditions are used. We have evaluated sediment sand caps, organoclay mats, and amended sand caps and have led bench scale treatability studies. Our services also include chemical and metallurgical fingerprinting and forensics support.

Litigation and Allocation Services   

These services include the strategic design of sediment sampling programs, oversight and knowledge of both standard and specialized analytical techniques, data interpretation, and participation in legal strategy and mediation sessions. We also provide expert services to several law firms.

Natural Resource Damage Settlements   

We assist our clients with the strategic and technical development and evaluation of plans for potential habitat restoration areas to provide aquatic and nearshore habitat and to meet the needs for of Natural Resource Damage settlements.

Derelict Vessel Deconstruction   

We have the unique experience in assisting clients with the in-water deconstruction of derelict vessels, which includes complex project management, project permitting and agency coordination, preliminary design evaluations, development of bid documents, assistance with contractor selection, and construction oversight services.