Uplands Cleanup & Redevelopment

Site Investigation and Risk Assessment   

We provide our clients with environmental investigational services to characterize sites for a variety of client goals including due diligence, liability and risk analysis, allocation support, compliance and attainment of No Further Action status, source control for waterfront sites, and evaluation of remedial alternatives for Remedial Investigations/Feasibility Studies (RI/FS). We develop, provide agency coordination, and implement strategic site investigations designed to support human health and ecological risk assessment, cleanup level evaluation, and remedial alternatives tailored to client redevelopment goals including integration with existing or planned infrastructure. We often assist our clients with the entire process from investigation through remedy selection and remedial construction.

Engineering and Remediation   

We develop remedial strategies with our clients and oversee remedial design and implementation of a full range of remedial technologies. These services include the preparation of plans and specifications and contractor bid packages, assistance with contractor selection and contract negotiation, and construction management. We also provide environmental and constructability review of civil engineering plans and specifications, environmental assistance with infrastructure upgrades and system improvements that require excavation and reconstruction, and detailed capital and operational cost estimates.

Vapor Intrusion   

We provide clients with strategic evaluation of the vapor intrusion pathway. Vapor intrusion services include evaluation of the potential for vapor intrusion and indoor air quality concerns, development of sampling plans, vapor intrusion modeling, field data collection (indoor and ambient air sampling, soil gas sampling, sub-slab soil gas sampling, soil gas probe installation and monitoring), and result interpretation and reporting.

Dioxin/Furan and Low Level Contamination Expertise    

Dioxins/furans are an emerging urban contaminant gaining more and more interest from the environmental community due to their persistent and highly toxic nature. We provide contaminant fate and transport, cleanup level development, data analysis and interpretation relative to sources, remedial alternatives evaluation, and remedy implementation assistance for dioxin/furan-contaminated upland and in-water projects. We also provide dredge material disposal alternatives assistance for maintenance dredging projects where dioxins/furans are a concern.

Arsenic Geochemistry and Remediation   

Based on our experience with large and complex sites involving this common and persistent carcinogen with redox-sensitive environmental properties, we provide our clients with arsenic fate and transport analysis, compliance services, site-specific cleanup level development, remedial alternatives evaluation, and remedy implementation.

Landfill Remediation and Redevelopment   

We provide a variety of services for active and closed municipal, industrial, and woodwaste landfills. These services include strategic assistance with redevelopment; regulatory negotiations; RI/FS; allocation assistance; remedial design and implementation for containment; and cleanup of contaminated groundwater, soil, and landfill gas. We assist clients with landfill closure and provide post-closure services including long-term compliance monitoring and maintenance, settlement evaluation, assistance with 5-year reviews, delisting, and environmental conditions related to facility upgrades.

Petroleum Remediation and NAPL Recovery Systems   

We provide a number of services to assist our clients with petroleum contamination issues. These include complex site investigation, cleanup, and regulatory compliance; identification and management of petroleum contamination as part of development planning and during construction; and design and implementation of a range of remedial technologies for soil, groundwater, stormwater, and air impacted by petroleum and other sources of non-aqueous phase liquids (NAPL).

Modeling and Forensics   

We assist our clients with contaminant fate and transport modeling using multiple numerical models for remedy design and compliance. We draw from our chemistry experience to ensure appropriate model input parameters that are representative of site or remedy conditions are used. We have developed numerical models ranging from basin-scale hydrogeology to building-specific soil-to-indoor air models, and we have negotiated cleanup levels based on modeled transport and attenuation. Our services also include chemical and metallurgical fingerprinting and forensics support.

DNAPL, Tars, and Solvent Remediation   

We provide a full range of services for these contaminants including historical site review to determine sources; soil, groundwater, and sediment investigations to identify the nature and extent of the contamination; fate and transport modeling to determine appropriate site cleanup levels and selection; and design and construction management of a preferred remedial action. We select remedial actions based on the needs of our client, the intended use of the site, and the extent of the contamination. After implementation of the remedial action, we work with the regulators to receive the required approval for the desired site use.

Litigation and Allocation Services   

These services include the strategic design of sampling programs, oversight and knowledge of both standard and specialized analytical techniques, data interpretation and chromatogram review, cost recovery support, and participation in legal strategy and mediation sessions. We also provide expert services to several law firms.

Redevelopment Strategy & Suppport   

We assist our clients with strategies for development of properties affected by contamination or other environmental issues. Our services in support of development include developing comprehensive strategies with our clients in advance of property acquisition, as well as implementing strategies through agency negotiations, investigations, and cleanups that support redevelopment goals for the site while attaining compliance. We also use our experience managing environmental issues encountered during redevelopment construction to help our clients maintain demanding construction schedules and limit environmental liabilities.