Reichhold/SSA Containers Facility

SSA Marine (SSA) and the Puyallup Tribe of Indians are partners in the development of a new 200‑acre container terminal on the east side of the Blair Waterway in Tacoma. Floyd|Snider supports SSA with remediation and redevelopment of properties included in the terminal development. Floyd|Snider also provides project management support to the SSA/Puyallup Tribe team.

As a keystone property in the Puyallup Tribal Terminal development, SSA acquired the former Reichhold Chemical property at Alexander Avenue and Taylor Way.  Floyd|Snider assisted SSA in due diligence and property acquisition. Following property acquisition, Floyd|Snider produced a Focused Feasibility Study (FFS) defining final cleanup actions required at the site to support container terminal development. This work included the development of site-specific cleanup levels for soil and groundwater that are protective of groundwater discharge to the adjacent surface waters of Blair Waterway. In December 2008, the Washington State Department of Ecology approved the FFS and a Consent Decree was executed that included the selected remedial actions documented in a Cleanup Action Plan. Floyd|Snider produced remedial design documents and is managing construction for final soil remedial actions and implementing a groundwater compliance monitoring program for the protective measures to be included during the construction of the container terminal.

Floyd|Snider also assumed responsibility for supporting SSA in the continued operation and reporting regarding soil and groundwater treatment processes established by Reichhold Chemical at the site. This work includes support for ongoing groundwater extraction and treatment, with National Pollution Discharge Elimination System permitted discharge to the Blair Waterway, and groundwater monitoring. The work also includes support for treatment of soil isolated in on-site biological treatment cells, with monitoring and placement of treated soil in an on-site Corrective Action Management Unit.

Floyd|Snider also provided environmental evaluation and investigational services to assist SSA Containers with shoreline cutback characterization under the Dredged Material Management Program (DMMP). This aspect of the project included DMMP agency negotiation, delineation of the shoreline area to Dredge Material Management Units, development of a sampling strategy for the Model Toxic Control Act, Sediment Management Standards, and DMMP characterization, data analysis and interpretation, reporting, and obtaining a suitability determination for dredged material to accommodate redevelopment of the existing property as a container facility.

In addition to environmental consulting services, Floyd|Snider facilitated a series of meetings with the SSA/Puyallup Tribe team to develop the overall critical path schedule and work plan for the development project, and Floyd|Snider maintains the overall project schedule as the project moves forward.


  • RI/FS
  • Permitting
  • Agency Coordination and Negotiation
  • Dredged Material Open-water Disposal & Beneficial Use Characterization
  • Design and Bid Package Preparation
  • Construction Management

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