Bremerton Naval Complex Facilitation

Floyd|Snider provided meeting facilitation and documentation support for representatives of the United States Navy, Suquamish Tribe, Washington State Department of Natural Resources, U.S Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA), and Washington State Department of Ecology (Ecology). The year-long series of facilitated meetings assisted the group, which consisted of approximately 15 participants, to reach closure on acceptable methods to address sediment data issues related to the Navy’s marine monitoring activities in Sinclair Inlet and to collaboratively prepare a five-year review for the Bremerton Naval Complex. This was a complicated technical and regulatory issue, in which the group had reached a stalemate in negotiations prior to bringing in Floyd|Snider. Floyd|Snider’s role was to assist the group in accurately defining the component issues of the dispute, and working through each of them with strong facilitation and documentation to achieve a successful outcome.

Floyd|Snider’s involvement resulted in clear, well-documented determinations of how a number of component issues would be addressed in the monitoring and five-year review process. This assisted the group in productively moving the project forward, with formal dispute resolution focused on only one specific element of the process.


  • Multi-party Facilitation
  • Complex Project Management and Scheduling