Bellingham Bay Pilot

Floyd|Snider provided group facilitation and project management support services for this complex bay-wide planning effort that seeks to balance cleanup, navigation, habitat restoration, and land-use planning objectives. The multi-agency Pilot Team consists of federal, state, tribal, city, and county government representatives.  During Phase 1, Floyd|Snider provided technical support and group facilitation during development of the Pilot Project work plan. For Phase 2, Floyd|Snider provided significant facilitation and negotiation support to achieve agreement between Pilot Team members on a preferred alternative for comprehensive sediment remediation, land-use priorities, and habitat improvements in the Bay. Phase 3 involves implementation of the sediment remediation, habitat restoration, and land-use components of the comprehensive strategy, for which Floyd|Snider provided group facilitation and project administration services. Floyd|Snider continues to provide on call services.


  • Multi-party Facilitation and Negotiation Support
  • Comprehensive Strategy Development
  • Administrative/Project Management Support


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