Port of Seattle Multiple Project Strategy Assistance

Floyd|Snider has provided assistance to management and staff at the Port of Seattle (Port) to help get complex projects off the ground. Port projects where Floyd|Snider has provided assistance include: Container Expansion Plan, Cruise Terminal Relocation, Duwamish River Property Rights and Habitat Restoration, Terminal 106 Redevelopment, East Waterway Deepening, Terminal 18 Redevelopment and Street Vacations, New Third Runway Design, Permitting and Property Acquisitions, Concourse A Expansion, Southwest Harbor Project/Terminal 5 Cleanup, Terminal 91 Environmental Considerations for Redevelopment Analysis, and the recent Terminal 10 Redevelopment. Floyd|Snider assists the Port’s internal project teams to develop project strategies, definitions and work plans, and to clarify internal and consultant responsibilities for implementation. 

The company also provides assistance with adapting project work plans to change and tracking project progress. This work typically includes facilitation of a focused set of meetings, and development of materials for the project team to review and use. Floyd|Snider works with the project team to complete tasks such as: clarification and documentation of project objectives and desired outcomes; diagramming of specific processes and work required to meet objectives and produce desired outcomes; definition of interrelationships and associated team structures for each identified process or work item; production of a detailed project schedule based on the diagramming; and design and production of presentation materials. Floyd|Snider has provided these strategy-related services for a number of Port projects. Floyd|Snider has also provided engineering and environmental cleanup expertise in support of Port property remediation and redevelopment. Additionally, our team provides technical and stakeholder group facilitation services for project implementation. 


  • Complex Program Management and Strategy Assistance
  • Environmental Cleanup Expertise
  • Regulatory Policy Assistance
  • Administrative/Project Management Support

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