WPPA Environmental and Land Use Handbook

Floyd|Snider was retained to author an Environmental and Land Use Handbook for the Washington Public Ports Association (WPPA). The handbook was developed in the fall of 2001 and was intended to provide an overview of environmental and land use regulations and programs for Port Commissioners and Senior Port Staff. The handbook includes both high-level and detailed descriptions of federal, state and local laws, their applicability to Port activities, their complex interrelationships, and their resulting permit, approval, or documentation requirements. This vast body of content is divided into the four phases common to most projects: Planning; Development, Redevelopment, and Construction; Environmental Cleanup; and Operations. The handbook was written to assist Ports in maneuvering a project through the land use and environmental universes from start to finish. It also provides “enough information so that readers can ask clearer questions of their environmental staff and project managers.” As a feature of the handbook, Floyd|Snider created an oversized diagram, entitled Regulatory and Permit Requirements Potentially Applicable to Port Projects. This diagram is a concise visual aid for assisting Port Commissioners and Staff in conceptualizing the various regulatory programs and resulting permitting or approval actions, and their interrelationships, that might be involved in Port projects, no matter the size or scope. It is designed to be a base map for the smart strategizing needed to pursue multiple permits and approvals at the same time.

In December 2001, Floyd|Snider presented the handbook at the WPPA Conference to inform Port Commissioners of this new available resource. The products are made available by the WPPA at: www.washingtonports.org.


  • Regulatory Policy assistance
  • Administrative/Project Management Support


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