Goose Lake

Floyd|Snider is supporting a local developer, Rayonier, and the City of Shelton to produce a Remedial Investigation/Feasibility Study (RI/FS) and a Cleanup Action Plan (CAP) for sediment remediation and industrial landfill closure related to the Goose Lake area and future Shelton Hills Mixed-Use development. The property occupies approximately 1,600 acres and contains several areas of environmental concern including contaminated lake sediments, former disposal lagoons, drainage ravines, and an inactive landfill. The chemicals of concerns are polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), dioxins, and heavy metals associated with a former paper mill operations located in nearby Shelton, Washington. The Floyd|Snider Team has been providing regulatory negotiations with respect to revising the Agreed Order and development of the scope of work for the FS and CAP. 

As part of the overall project, Floyd|Snider prepared and secured a Washington State Department of Ecology (Ecology) Integrated Planning Brownfields Grant for $200,000 for the City of Shelton to assist with the overall restoration of Goose Lake.  Floyd|Snider completed a Data Gap Investigation in the former disposal lagoon and drainage ravine areas for dioxins, PCBs, total sulfide, and heavy metals.  This information enabled the RI phase to be completed.  Following Ecology review and approval of the RI, Floyd|Snider will lead the FS for the site.


  • Data Gap Investigation/Feasibility Study 
  • Landfill Closure Evaluation
  • Habitat Development/Restoration
  • Agency Coordination and Negotiation


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