Tacoma Landfill

Floyd|Snider provides on-call services to the City of Tacoma (City) for the Tacoma Landfill, which is part of the Tacoma Landfill/South Tacoma Channel Superfund Site. Historically, the Tacoma Landfill had a groundwater plume, which affected several drinking water wells, potentially impacted the water quality of a local stream, released vapor contaminants, and experienced a buildup of methane gas. 

To assist the City in meeting remedial action goals outlined in the Consent Decree for the Tacoma Landfill, Floyd|Snider negotiated with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to establish the appropriate surface water quality standards that are applicable to the site, assessed local groundwater to surface water interactions as well as the groundwater to indoor air pathway, and conducted several investigations to evaluate the nature, extent, and human health exposure pathway of groundwater contamination from arsenic and volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

Floyd|Snider is currently assisting the City in modifying ongoing remedial actions and monitoring at the Tacoma Landfill based on improved conditions at the site, and allowing the City to decommission remediation infrastructure that has successfully achieved the remedial goals as outlined in the Consent Decree.


  • Agency Ccoordination and Negotiation
  • Site Investigation
  • Modeling

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