City of Sequim Phase II

Floyd|Snider prepared a Phase II Environmental Assessment (Phase II) at the request of the City of Sequim (the City) for the property located at 203 and 215 N Sequim Avenue in Sequim, Washington (subject property). The City was interested in purchasing the subject property, which was a mixed-use residential and commercial property consisting of a 0.5-acre parcel improved with two buildings, an undeveloped courtyard, and an asphalt-paved rear parking lot.

The purpose of the Phase II was to identify possible environmental contamination related to known or suspected underground storage tanks (USTs) prior to purchase. Heat for the subject property buildings is supplied by one or more heating oil UST(s), but the exact location of the UST(s) was unknown. This investigation was focused on identifying the locations of the USTs to the extent possible and evaluating subsurface conditions in that vicinity.

A Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) survey was completed to identify the locations of known heating oil UST(s) at the property and to attempt to locate the other previously registered USTs.  One heating oil UST and associated piping was located during this survey. A subsurface investigation, which consisted of the installation of soil borings and the collection of soil and groundwater samples, was completed at the subject property. Soil and groundwater data collected during the subsurface investigation did not indicate the presence of environmental contaminants of concern at concentrations that would adversely affect environmental conditions at the subject property.

Floyd|Snider recommended the removal or abandonment of the UST during building demolition activities if the City moved forward with the purchase of the subject property.  The City finalized the purchase of the subject property in February 2012 with plans of building a new police station, city hall, and community gathering space.


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