San Juan County--Sutton Road Transfer Station

Floyd|Snider assisted the San Juan County Solid Waste Program at the Sutton Road Transfer Station with an environmental and geotechnical evaluation of the Transfer Station property, and development of a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment Report. Floyd|Snider first assisted San Juan County with development of a written strategy summarizing existing conditions and identifying data gaps involving potential environmental conditions at the site that could impact future ownership of the property. The team, in collaboration with San Juan County, then formulated a phased project approach and schedule for Phase I and limited Phase II Environmental Site Assessments. Surface water and soil and municipal solid waste data were collected to evaluate current environmental conditions at the property. These data were used to evaluate potential risk to San Juan County associated with purchase and use of the property. The team then provided a presentation to the San Juan County Council, summarizing investigation results and assessing risk to the County associated with property transaction negotiations.


  • Phase I Environmental Site Assessment