South Park Landfill

Floyd|Snider is supporting a multi-party Potentially Liable Persons (PLP) group including local developer (SEA CON), the City of Seattle, and King County to implement a Remedial Investigation/Feasibility Study (RI/FS) Work Plan, prepare an RI/FS, and negotiate a Cleanup Action Plan (CAP) for industrial landfill closure and property redevelopment at the South Park Landfill Site with the Washington State Department of Ecology (Ecology). Floyd|Snider is the prime for a consultant group consisting of Aspect Consulting, Herrera Environmental Consultants, and BHC Consultants. The property, within Seattle city limits and part of the South Park neighborhood, is a 39-acre former municipal solid waste landfill composed of several industrial-zoned and partially redeveloped properties. Previous site characterization indicates that groundwater, soil, and soil gas at the site may have been impacted by a variety of chemicals including volatile organic compounds, metals, petroleum hydrocarbons, pesticides/herbicides, dioxins, and methane. These contaminants are of concern due to the site's proximity to, and as a potential source area to, the lower Duwamish River.

As the first step to landfill closure and redevelopment, the Floyd|Snider Team conducted additional site characterization including field investigations to determine the nature and extent of landfill contamination, which included landfill gas, soil, and groundwater sample collection and analysis, analysis of existing and collected landfill data, and preparation of a Draft Model Toxics Control Act (MTCA) RI/FS. Upon regulatory acceptance of the RI/FS, Floyd|Snider will then prepare and negotiate the CAP with Ecology.


  • Uplands Remedial Investigation/Feasibility Study