Puyallup Tribal Terminal Cutback Characterization

Floyd|Snider provided agency coordination and investigational services to assist SSA Containers with shoreline cutback characterization under the Dredged Material Management Program (DMMP). The development of the Puyallup Tribal Ter­minal requires dredging of approximately 1.75 million cubic yards of material from the east side of the Blair Waterway. Aspects of the project included DMMP agency negotiation, delin­eation of the shoreline area to 25 DMMUs, development of a sampling strategy for the Model Toxics Control Act, Sediment Manage­ment Standards, and DMMP characterization, data analysis and interpretation, and reporting. This project success­fully obtained a suitability determination of approximately 1.45 million cubic yards for open water disposal or beneficial reuse of the dredged material to accommodate redevelopment of the property as a container facility.


  • Cutback Characterization
  • DMMP Suitability Determination
  • Agency Coordination