Capitol Lake Permitting Analysis

The Washington State Department of Enterprise Services (DES) contracted Floyd|Snider, with teaming partners Axis Environmental and Herrera Environmental, to conduct an analysis of the environmental permitting needs that would be required for a dredge event to occur within Capitol Lake, located in Olympia, Washington. Over the project duration, Floyd|Snider developed a Project Permitting Road Map, an illustrative diagram that provides a clear road map of the necessary permitting process for a dredge event within Capitol Lake. The Project Permitting Road Map allows for the visual identification of key milestones such as permit submittals and supporting design or analysis needs, permit sequence and relationships, critical paths, anticipated agency negotiation and approval steps, estimated time durations, and opportunities in the permitting process for public and stakeholder involvement. Along with the Project Permitting Road Map, a Permitting Recommendations Report was prepared that provided the supporting detail and assumptions behind the Project Permitting Road Map and included the following: evaluation of invasive species considerations and requirements; identification of data gaps; and evaluation of constructability considerations for a dredge event within the lake. Floyd|Snider led meetings to elicit input from stakeholders (federal, state, and local agencies, Indian tribes, ports, environmental organizations, consultants, and the community at large) on the permitting road map and permitting analysis. DES is using the project deliverables and stakeholder input to understand the permitting process necessary for a dredge event to occur within Capitol Lake. More information about this project can be found at:


  • Data gap analysis
  • Dredge permitting analysis
  • Bathymetric survey
  • Stakeholder communications and presentation

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