B&L Landfill

Floyd|Snider is implementing Washington State Department of Ecology's (Ecology’s) Cleanup Action Plan (CAP) to remediate arsenic-contaminated groundwater in the vicinity of this closed woodwaste landfill. The landfilled material contains slag from the former Asarco smelter in Tacoma. Arsenic within the slag has leached to the shallow groundwater and migrated off-site. Floyd|Snider’s previous environmental consulting services for this site on behalf of Murray Pacific Corporation have included the design and implementation of a remedial investigation involving hydrogeologic and geochemical analyses, development of a conceptual site model for arsenic pathways and attenuation factors, and preparation of a Groundwater Alternatives Evaluation (GAE) Feasibility Study. 

Based on the GAE, Ecology selected a remedy and developed the 2008 CAP. The selected remedy includes a subsurface containment barrier, groundwater extraction and treatment systems, and in-situ treatment. Following settlement with Asarco and lodging of Consent Decrees with other responsible parties, a custodial trust was set up to fund the CAP remedy. 

Floyd|Snider, in partnership with AMEC Geomatrix, is currently implementing the scope of work as defined in the Consent Decrees. This work includes pre-design studies, hydrogeologic and geochemical modeling, engineering and design of the remedy components, and construction of the remedy.


  • Remedial Investigation/Feasibility Study
  • Source Control
  • Agency Coordination and Negotiation
  • Remedy Design and Remedial Cost Estimation
  • Construction Management
  • In-situ Arsenic Treatment
  • Permitting
  • Expert Testimony
  • Hydrogeologic Investigation and Modeling
  • Cultural Resource Assessment
  • Wetland Delineation
  • Stakeholder Coordination and Negotiations


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